Green Asian Arowana

The Green Asian Arowana - Scleropages Formosus, also known as the Green Asian Dragonfish, like all arowanas is a freshwater scaled fish. Common mispellings are Green Asian Arrowana or Green Asian Arawana. Often growing up to three feet in length, these fish can be both challenging and rewarding to the aquarium enthusiast. The availability of Green Asian Arowanas for sale varies from country to country, as will Green Asian Arowana prices. Check the arowana photo gallery for pictures of Green Asian Arownas. See Asian Arowana for more information.

One major concern with buying arowanas is that not all arowanas can be purchased legally. Currently, CITES has listed the Asian Arowana as an endangered species. While it is legal in some countries to buy and sell captive bred Asian arowanas, in other countries such as the US, it is not. Other species of arowana are generally no problem to purchase, and cost less, yet can still be just as fulfilling pets and excellent aquarium fish. Arowana breeding is common in many Asian countries. Breeding usually takes place in large fish breeding pools or breeding ponds as arowanas will not reproduce in an aquarium.

Of the three types of Asian Arowana, the Red Asian Arowana is the most valuable and prized specimen of these magnificent dragonfish. Red Arowanas are especially desired in China, where red is a luck color and the belief that these fish can bring good fortune is widespread. For the Cantonese, the lucky trait falls to the Green Arowana. It is common to see Red Asian Arowanas for sale for prices upwards of $9,000 and in some cases, these arowanas have been sold for prices in the range of $80,000.

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