Asian Arowana

The Pirarucu, Arapaima gigas, Arapaima Gigante or in some languages arapaimo is the world's largest freshwater fish. Other names include Bodeco, Bodequinho and Paiche. The Vancouver aquarium houses several of the amazing fish, and the appearance of these 'Monster Fish' will certainly inspire awe. Large paiche specimens can grow over 9 feet long and eat a diet that includes not only other large fish, but the paiche also eat birds and small animals. The arapaima gigas has a lung like lining in its throat, that like many other fish of the amazon, help it to thrive in oxygen depleted waters.


In South America, Pirarucu are caught for food and the toungue of the arapaima is used for medicinal purposes. As the name Arapaima Gigas and Gigante should indicate, these fish should not be kept in an aquarium even though they are sold to aquarium enthusiasts and hobbyists by fish breeders as their immense size makes keep an arapaima healthy very difficult.

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